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Greeting by Mr.Fujii

Total Engineering for Steel Structures

Yokogawa Bridge Corp. (YBC) was established in 1907 at Nishi-ku, Sakaigawa, Osaka City, and has developed its business to become one of the Japan’s leading fabricators and erectors of steel structures in the local and global market.

Subsequently Yokogawa Bridge Holdings Corp. (YBHD) was established in August 2007, and YBC became one of the group companies.

In the global market, YBC has undertaken many prestige projects, including Kap Shui Mun Bridge, Stonecutters Bridge and Akashi-kaikyou Bridge.

We are a total engineering company for steel structures in the global market. We are extending our global network with partner companies throught the world.We will be involved in projects based on excellence of engineering expertise, and will satisfy the needs and demands of our clients, shareholders and end users of the structures where they are in the world.

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