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Fig.-1 Bird’s-eyes view of Osaka Plant

The main plant for bridge and steel frames is the Osaka Plant, which serves not only the domestic market in Japan but also the production for export products. It has its own in-house production system which covers the entire bridge production process, and is equipped with Japan’s first automated full-scale drawing system, NC machines, automated assembly and welding lines, and computerized measurement system for steel members.

It also has its own wharf where barges can berth, allowing long and large bridge segments and large steel structures such as the segments for Honshu-shikoku Connection Bridges and Kansai International Airport, etc. to be transported directly by sea.

October, 1964
Sakai City, Osaka Pref.
Land area
125,413 m²
Floor space
34,848 m²
5,000 t/month
Deck panel line in Osaka Plant

Fig.-2 View of Box, Deck panel line in Osaka Plant

Fig.-3 Roll out of Akashi-kaikyo Bridge from Osaka Wharf

Osaka Wharf

130 m
30 m
Depth of water
OP-4.4 m

Bridge Stage Izumi Plant - Precision equipment department -

We,Izumi Plant propose accomplished design and manufacture techniques based on steel bridge experiences, and they are applied to products for LCD and semiconductor manufacturing equipments. An optimun design is proposed to solve such key issue as vibration and deformation caused by with a growing in size of equipments.
We also have large machining centers and a large three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine in thermal managed factories, and they can provide large-size and exquisite products with high quality assurance.

March, 2005
Izumi City, Osaka Pref.
Land area
7,982 m²
Floor space
3,133 m²

Fig.-4 Panoramic view of Izumi Plant

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